Serena Williams

Sometimes, the combination of YouTube and little children is simply irresistible. Now, “David After Dentist,” “Hey Jude” and “Charlie bit my Finger” might need to make some room — because viewers on the video-sharing site are falling in love with an enthusiastic 3-year-old fan of Serena Williams.

Little Mykal-Michelle is a huge admirer of the tennis great, currently ranked No. 1 in the sport. According to ESPN, the girl’s mother Kimberly Harris shared the video on Facebook after receiving the Aug. 31 issue of Sports Illustrated with Williams on the cover. Mykal-Michelle was so thrilled to see her hero in the magazine that she launched into an impromptu breakdown of her own tennis skills.

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“I was like Serena Williams!” the little girl says over and over again, enthusiastically telling a story about playing tennis with her dad.

Making the story even better, the 21-time Grand Slam Champion herself has seen the video and is apparently as big a fan of Mykal-Michelle as the little girl is of Serena Williams. She has shared the video on her Facebook page, a move that has garnered more than 11,000 likes.

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