Have you ever wondered where those staple character of your favorite childhood TV shows ended up? We’ve got at least one answer for you, with “Lizzie McGuire’s” Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder).

After Lizzie’s reign on the Disney Channel ended and Hillary Duff went on to become a singer, novelist and then an actress again, Snyder escaped the spotlight and ended up at Pepperdine University. Now, he’s apparently the school’s go-to fundraiser, as he recently starred in a funny alumni donation video the university put together.

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In the video, he urges graduates to DTR (define the relationship) with Pepperdine and donate to the school, and believe us when we say the blooper reel at the end is worth sticking around for.

Snyder has also gotten back in the acting game with recent short sketches and videos such as “Batlexander Manilton,” a Batman parody of the Broadway hit “Hamilton, and “FLURGSTÅRGG,” a sketch about how IKEA furniture ends relationships.

He’ll also be returning to his Disney roots soon, starring in a new Disney XD show, “Second Star,” about a trio of musically inclined siblings.

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GUYS!! I've been involved with a Disney XD project, Second Star, and it's going to be premiering at www.secondstar.tv this upcoming Tuesday, April 5, 4pm!! Here's a blurb from our Facebook page on what the show's about… "Second Star was created on the idea that a musical television show could employ quality radio-ready music, realistic character situations, and charming characters, while also exploring the relevant issues of life and growing up. Second Star does all that while also staying new and fresh every week, making it the perfect show for Disney XD." I play the oldest of three musically-inclined siblings who inherit their grandfather's recording studio, Second Star. With mom and dad out of the picture, I've been running a coffee shop to keep us afloat and keep us together. Family is everything… but so is music… And yes, I siiiing! It will help if you like the FB page (link in bio) and share with anyone else who may be interested! Thanks! Created by Richard Allen and co-starring Haley Michele Gorman @haleeymichele, Nickolas Eiter @nickolasmeiter, and Stephen Tyler Howell. #secondstar #disney #disneyxd #makertv

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