On Monday (July 11), “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” co-stars Omarion and Apryl Jones announced that the have broken-up. The longtime partners have two children together, Megaa Omari, 2, and A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, four months. Both of them took to social media to announce their split, each taking a slightly different, less-than-loving tone.

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Jones, 29, seems to be ready to jump back into the dating scene, sending out this brief tweet to all her followers:


Omarion, on the other hand, laid out a more lengthy message via Instagram. The 31-year-old recording artist says the break-up was “mutual” and that they will “continue to love and support one another and still share a common goal to remain friends while being great parents to our children.”

This split seems so sudden as it was just a few weeks ago that the two were gushing about each other on social media and celebrating Father’s Day.

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So what happened? The first hint that there was trouble at home was when the couple — who famously documented the at-home water birth of their first child on “Love & Hip Hop” — announced they were leaving the popular VH1 series after two seasons. Couples typically choose to work out relationship issues in private, so opting out of Season 3 seemed like a smart decision for pair who’ve been together for four years, to focus on themselves and their growing family.

Omarion and Apryl Jones

While Media Take Out reports rumors of cheating being the cause of the break-up, nothing of the sort has been officially confirmed. But with such brief and terse break-up messages from the self-proclaimed “soulmates,” it’s hard to imagine the pair who’ve been together since 2011, and engaged since 2014, decided to just consciously uncouple for no reason. They two first met when Jones worked for Omarion as a back-up singer, but after instantly hitting off, continued to tour with the former B2K singer as his girlfriend.

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