While it’s not surprising that Malia Obama has chosen to attend an Ivy League college, the world is still buzzing about the news that she will be part of Harvard University’s class of 2021.

The First Daughter and her sister Sasha are two of the most recognizable teenagers in the country, and that’s not likely to change when their dad leaves the Oval Office next year. College is hard enough to navigate without being a celebrity, but Malia Obama won’t be the first to juggle an Ivy League education with the glaring spotlight.

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In case she needs help handling the added stress, here are a few other female celebrities she can call up for advice.

Emma Watson

emma watson gi

Instead of riding the “Harry Potter” gravy train for the rest of her days — which we’re pretty sure was a definite possibility — Watson chose to attend Brown University, earning an English degree in five years.

Tyra Banks

tyra banks gi

She may not have received a degree from Harvard, but that didn’t stop supermodel Tyra Banks from attending business classes there. What comes after quadruple threat?

Natalie Portman

natalie potrman late show jimmy fallon gi

Headlining in three “Star Wars” movies doesn’t exactly let you fly under the radar, but that didn’t stop Natalie Portman from attending Harvard University in the class of ’03.

Lupita Nyong’o

lupita nyong'o gi

Nyong’o might not have achieved superstar status by the time she was attending Yale Drama School, but landing your breakout role right after graduation probably wins you some cool points on campus.

Claire Danes

claire danes late show jimmy fallon gi

We guess you could say Claire Danes gave Yale University the “old college try.” After making a name for herself in Hollywood, Danes enrolled in the Ivy League institution for two years before returning to the movies.

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