Chris Pratt accepts an award at Spike Guy's Choice Awards

If you’ve always wondered which dog you look most like, finally there’s an easy way to find out. Microsoft’s latest online tool/toy/time waster — — will take a photo of anyone, study their face and figure out which dog is their most fitting match.

To prove just how important What-Dog is to the world, Zap2it has put it through a series of tests using pictures of a slew of familiar faces. From Chris Pratt to Kristen Wiig to Benedict Cumberbatch — and even Ryan Reynold’s deformed Deadpool himself — their photos were all put through the system to find which dog they most resemble.

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Just for kicks, photos of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were also given the What-Dog treatment and the results may be a bit surprising. For instance, did you know Trump looks most like a Bracco Italiano? That particular breed is described as “large & powerful, energetic, known for barking a lot.”

You couldn’t write a better description of the Republican presidential frontrunner. Take a look at all of the celebrities Zap2it ran through the online tool below, then head over to to try out a few of your own and see which dog you’re most like.

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