In an interview with Huff Post Live, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson emphatically endorsed Donald Trump, saying “I think he should be president” before the question was even completed.

Tyson and Trump go way back, to when the athlete hired Trump as an advisor in the late ’80s, which made little sense given Trump was also the owner of a major boxing venue at the time, but clearly prompted a bond between the two men.

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Tyson seems confident that Trump can win the election, regardless of the remarks about Latinos that were considered offensive. Tyson points out that the president “needs time to grow” in people’s opinions.

In Tyson’s opinion, Trump would run the U.S. like a “business” where “color doesn’t matter.”

Tyson also doesn’t believe that Trump’s increasingly niche views will ultimately change his currently high poll numbers. He sayas that other politicians are just “mad because [they’re] getting beat” and are trying to tell the populous that their opinions are worthless.

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Tyson’s refrain is “Let’s try something new.” He points out that voting in President Obama was a change and that why not keep up the trend with a new president as different from Obama as possible?

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins