Miles Teller Esquire cover

Esquire’s cover story about “Fantastic Four” lead Miles Teller made some waves online after writer Anna Peele used the piece to analyze the actor’s “dickishness.” Now Teller has responded to the article, calling it “very misrepresenting.”

“@esquire couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t think there’s anything cool or entertaining about being a dick or an a**hole. Very misrepresenting,” he tweets.

The piece revolves around Esquire’s night out with Teller as he alternately throws off a laissez fair attitude about his public persona and then lists off the many actors whose careers he’d like to emulate.

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Peele has no qualms about analyzing Teller’s personality, opening the story with the line, “You’re sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he’s a dick.”

Other times his “dickishness” is brought up include:

  • “So yeah, he is kind of a dick. But the thing is, you agree with him: His admittedly limited body of work so far, his oeuvre — a word you define and spell for him, so who’s the dick now? — is pretty great.”
  • “You wonder how much he really doesn’t give a s***. Because it kind of seems like no one gives more of a s*** about what he does. Enough that, yeah, he has to be kind of a dick about it. How can you not like that?”
  • “He gives you a hug and goes off to contribute to the cache or catalog or canon or whatever the f*** you call it and charm the world with his dickishness.”

The cover story earned strong reactions from critics, both in terms of how Teller acted and in how Esquire handled the profile.

At press time, Esquire hadn’t publicly responded to Teller’s tweet.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz