It’s wonderful to have a show on the air for so long that you feel like you’ve grown up alongside certain characters. Watching someone struggle through high school, their first break-up, marriage, children, divorce, etc. — you see a character grow up before your very eyes. As they plow through all these types of dramatic moments, it becomes natural for audiences to feel for them as one would a dear friend.

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However, sometimes watching TV characters mature into an adult can also feel incredibly awkward. Shows premiere featuring kids at age 10 or 12, who then eventually turn 16, 18, or 21 years old during the series’ run, and writers then have the tough job of portraying that transition in a tasteful way. Puberty is a rough time. Losing one’s virginity is a very delicate subject. So it’s difficult as a viewer to watch someone we’re so used to considering a child have sex on TV.

Sarah Hyland

“Modern Family’s” Haley Dunphy has been sexually active since Season 1 back in 2009. Dunphy was 16, and actress Hyland was 19 years old in real life. Sure, it may be realistic to the modern times of American culture, but it’s always been awkward watching such a naive and clueless character talk so confidently about sex. Hyland is now 25, a gorgeous young woman, but seeing her character dressed in revealing clothing, her chest constantly busting out of her shirt, especially during all those one-on-one scenes with her dad, is uncomfortably distracting.

Sarah Hyland growing up

Ariel Winter

Winter turned 18 in January, and it seems the “Modern Family” writers decided it was time for Haley’s young sister, Alex, to start having sex. Like her character Alex, Winter was 12 years old when the series began. Now, Alex is a freshman in college, and having sex with her boyfriend Sanjay. She’s of age, yes, but just look at what Dunphy looked like during Season 1!

Like a protective parent, we wonder where did all those years go? She can’t be sexually active, right? But she is. The fact that time sometimes moves in the blink of an eye is what makes watching Alex talk about sex so depressing.

Ariel Winter grew up so fast

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Lennon Stella

Stella is 16 years old. She’s an incredible singer and performer, and yet every time the “Nashville” star talks about sex on the series, it’s cringe-worthy. She really is just 16! Maddie Conrad was a bespectacled sweet young girl when the country music drama first premiered four years ago. Her transition into becoming a teenage rebel was too fast and too much. Audiences miss the little innocent Maddie.

Lennon Stella growing up

Danielle Campbell

Campbell was 19 when her character Davina was introduced on “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff series “The Originals,” but the CW never tried to portray her as young and innocent. Davina was sultry and sexed up from Season 1.

Danielle on 'The Originals' Season 1

This is Davina during Season 3.

Davina GIF

Campbell was only 19 when cast on a show in which everyone else was over the age of 30. Even though she just turned 21 years old, it’s hard to wash away the feeling that she was thrust into performing sex scenes before she audiences were ready

Davina stripping

It’s just so difficult, and maybe impossible to ever get used to looking at TV’s kids turn into adults. Like their mother or father, long time viewers can’t help but look upon these young women and only see their baby faces as they were when we first met them.

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