Rob Gronkowski, the infamous party boy and ultimate bro, traded in his cleats to take a ballet class with Miami City Ballet dancer Nathalia Arja, thanks to GQ. What’s even more intriguing about this pairing is he was not terrible.

Hear us out. With a professional ballet background and extensive knowledge of the classical technique, we can honestly say that for this to be his first ever foray into ballet class, his instant grasp of certain steps is pretty impressive.

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Numerous football players accredit ballet to improving their flexibility and coordination skills on the field, so the New England Patriots tight end isn’t doing anything too complicated with these lessons. What’s both crazy and hilarious, though, is his confidence. Congratulating himself as the class goes along, even when Arja corrects him when he’s doing something wrong, he applauds his own efforts. “Ooh, not bad,” he says. “I’m learning!”

Now, don’t twist our words … the Gronk is not actually good. He’s not even faintly OK at ballet, but given that this is his first class, he definitely doesn’t suck and doesn’t deserve the field day the Internet has been having with him since the video was posted.

Many people give up quickly after their first try at ballet. They can barely stand in a partially turned out first position, lift their leg above 45 degrees, or leap through the air without tripping over their own feet. Ballet is an intense and fierce physical test to master. But after years of working out and conditioning his muscles to play at the elite level of the NFL, Gronkowski’s ability to have control over his body — and mimic what the teacher is doing — is something most people can’t do. Give the man some credit, people.

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There are at least 100 other concrete reasons to make fun of Gronkowski …

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… but his foray into ballet is not one of them. It is doubtful most of these haters have ever stepped foot inside a ballet class. It’s safe to say any person’s first attempt at a plie or a jete would probably be light years worse than The Gronk’s.

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