Nick Jonas has transformed so much since his Jonas Brothers days with Disney ... not only artistically, but physically. Some may even say the 24-year-old pop star has worked his body into something similar to a Greek god.

On Wednesday (April 27), Zap2it got to attend a private performance of Jonas sponsored by the new electrolyte-filled Propel Water. We participated in the Venice beach fitness party event that began with a stretch warm-up led by instructors from Yoga For Bad People. The event moved on to Speedplay, the most intense circuit training class ever --  and ended with the NW Method -- which is a dance based workout. Seriously, we were drenched in sweat by the end.

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While we definitely got our fair share of exercise for the day, Jonas did not take part in the mash-up workout class, and we demand to know why.

"Every performance is a work-out," he says. Which is not a lie. He definitely showed off his physical prowess while on the Propel Co: Labs Studio stage. And who can forget his nearly naked modeling photo spread for Flaunt magazine? Clearly, Mr. Jonas doesn't make excuses to not work out. Maybe, he just avoids doing it amidst a crowd of adoring fans?

Not only is he gearing up to perform at the 2016 Billboard Awards on May 22, he is co-headlining the Honda Civic: Future Now tour with pop star Demi Lovato.

Talking to E! online, Jonas says, "Demi is killing it right now with her fitness game," and in order to stay fit while touring, "I think we're going to get a trainer and have someone on the road with us."

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While at home in Los Angeles, Ca., Jonas regularly trains with Gregg Miele of West Hollywood's Heart & Hustle.

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But on a the regular, the "Chains" singer keeps fit with circuit training, switching off between high cardio days and weight focused sessions. The man is still human, however, and allows himself some cheat days. "Cake is really great," Jonas admits. Well, duh.

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