All Potter nerds must be jealous of One Direction’s Liam Payne. An important piece of “HP” history is in the possession of the pop star, who discussed his fandom and how he wound up with the crucial piece of Potter memorabilia in an interview with Grimmy for Radio 1.

The topic popped up when a fan asked the guys which Hogwarts house they would be in. Turns out, the members of One Direction are just like everyone else: they’ve taken Sorting Hat quizzes online. “[A friend] got Hufflepuff and I got Gryffindor,” brags Payne.

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When Louis Tomlinson dared to question his bandmate’s Harry Potter bonafides, Payne quickly set them straight. “Do you know the blue car?” he explains, “I bought the car and put it in me garden.”

For those who, like Grimmy, have no idea what Liam is talking about, it’s the blue Ford Anglia that Harry and Ron Weasley steal in order to get to school on time in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”

In the film of the same name, the two friends embark on a daring chase of the Hogwarts Express before crashing into the Whomping Willow, which just about destroys the car. But that wasn’t enough to stop Liam from buying one of the props used in the film.

Of course, Liam’s version of the car can’t actually fly, but he’s living the dream of every Potter fanatic … to own a piece of the wizarding world.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins