When Paul Rudd played “Ant-Man,” he got microscopic. But these days, his beloved Kansas City Royals are playing on the biggest stage in sports. And he couldn’t be more thrilled.

Appearing on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” hours before Game 2, Rudd’s ebullient smile showed his joy for the team he fell in love with growing up. As hosts Chris Rose and Kevin Millar interviewed the Hollywood star, he geeked out as only a true baseball fan could.

“It was like everything slowed down,” he says of Alex Gordon’s 9th-inning homerun in the Tuesday (Oct. 27) opening game of the series, which he watched from the stands. “I could see it go right over, and then it was bedlam; it got so loud, and then everyone started hugging.”

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But according to Rudd — known as one of Hollywood’s nicest guys — the Game 1 win was bittersweet. “I have so many friends who are Mets fans, and I feel their pain,” says Rudd, who lives in New York. “I like the Mets. Mets and Royals, they’re kind of sympatico. And I’ve lived in New York twice as long as I lived in Kansas City. But I lived here in the formative years.”

Nevertheless, with the Royals needing only a few more wins to take home the trophy, Rudd is ready to party. “When the Royals beat the Jays — I have a full Royals uniform — I went out to a bar with a full uniform on. And it actually has my own name on it,” he smiles.

A die-hard fan for over 30 years, Rudd weathered some difficult decades with the team — and now, for the second straight year, he’s watching them in the World Series. “Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle and I all grew up here; we were all at Game 6 in ’85,” he says of his fellow funny fans. “They’re pretty passionate guys.”

When Rose and Millar sprung an old screengrab on Rudd, he defended himself wearing an Orioles jersey in the film “Knocked Up.” “There’s a story behind that. When I showed up that day, they only had a couple uniforms,” Rudd remembers. “They didn’t have the rights to certain ones. It was a choice between the Orioles and the Marlins.”

No matter how the Royals fare in this World Series, Rudd promises he learned from last year’s mistake and will not be promising any more celebratory keg parties at his mom’s house.

“A couple people showed up; I didn’t know who they were,” Rudd says of his impromptu kegger. “I don’t think they quite got that I was kidding.”

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