There are plenty of people out there who know exactly what would happen if they ever met someone like Pink: The blushing, the tied tongue, the nervous laughs — all, time-tested signs of geeking out. Which is why it was so cool recently to see the chart-topping singer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” doing those exact things when she was surprised by one of her favorite stars, Johnny Depp.

It’s satisfying for fans on multiple levels: We get to see the “geeking out” star drop their guard, we get to feel better about our own awkward interactions with celebs, and we get to watch a genuine interaction in a business that is too often polished with a glossy sheen.

With that in mind, here are a few other smile-inducing instances of stars geeking out over other stars. Which is your favorite?

Anne Hathaway/Mariah Carey

The Hathaway/Robert DeNiro “The Intern” movie isn’t memorable for much, unfortunately. But the comedy did make this amazing moment happen, as the Oscar winner crushes on Mariah at the red carpet premiere like she’s a mid-’90s kid backstage at a concert. “I’m freaking out,” Hathaway admits. “She’s two arm lengths away from me!”

Jennifer Lawrence/Bill Murray

One of the reasons why J-Law’s fans love her is because she seems just like the rest of us — and it’s safe to say that if any of us met the star of “Ghostbusters,” “Caddyshack” and a dozen other classics, we’d have the same look on our face. If the photo below doesn’t make you smile, you’d better check your pulse.

Emma Stone/The Spice Girls

You might not think it, but do you know what the A-list star of “Birdman” wants? What she really, really wants? To meet a Spice Girl, apparently.

A few years back, while promoting a Spider-Man film, a pair of journalists surprised Stone with a video from Mel B, one of the members of the Girl Power group. The result was adorable.

Keke Palmer/Michael Ealy

Imagine if you confessed in gut-wrenching detail how much in love you were with a star — and then had them walk up behind you with a dozen roses. That’s what happens to “Scream Queens” actress Palmer, with some help from “The Perfect Guy” himself, heartthrob Michael Ealy.

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