Hugh Hefner and Playmates at the Playboy Mansion SOURCE: Getty

For nearly fifty years, one address has been synonymous with the ultimate party lifestyle — the Playboy mansion. Located in the tony Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles, the 29-room-structure has played host to Hollywood’s top celebrities, the most famous athletes in the world and enough debauchery to fill every page of Hugh Hefner’s provocative magazine. Now it’s for sale, but there is one catch: It comes with an 89-year-old man in a bathrobe, wandering the grounds reminiscing about his heyday with James Caan.

According to TMZ, the Mansion will go on sale in the next month, with hopes that it could fetch over $200 million. But the buyer will be required to house Hefner for the rest of his days.

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The report doesn’t say whether you also have to house Hef’s revolving door of wives and girlfriends, but with 29 rooms at your disposal there are bound to be a few empty guest quarters here and there. Then again, maybe the mansion isn’t as posh as history would have you believe: Real estate sources claim that the property is a tear-down, and the value is actually in the acreage and location.

A comparable lot in the area recently sold for $60 million, but it is expected that the Playboy Mansion mystique could push prices as high as $90 million.

But if Hef and the bunnies have never extended an invitation to you over the years, you’ll naturally want to see the property before offering your tens of millions of dollars. So, there’s good news: For the price of a monocle and ascot, you can pretend to be a high-roller and schedule yourself a tour of the property. Unfortunately, Hef’s bedroom will be off-limits, but don’t forget your bathing suit — because no visit to the mansion is complete unless you take a dip in that world-famous grotto.

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