Prepare to die from cuteness overload watching this video of 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin visiting the White House on Sunday (Feb. 22). She could not contain her excitement meeting President Obama and his wife Michelle. Now, the video of her visit has gone viral.

Even at her age, McLaurin still manages to squeal and dance when she shakes Obama’s hand, even waving her cane around in excitement once or twice.

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“It’s an honor,” she repeats, as the president welcomes her to the White House and ushers her over to meet the first lady. Both of them seem astounded that McLaurin has so much energy and mobility. They even beg her to slow down at one point.

After giving the elderly woman a hug, Michelle tells her, “I want to be like you when I grow up,” to which McLaurin easily replies, “You can!”

As they pose for pictures, McLaurin can’t seem to hold still, bouncing up down, and the Obamas join her in a few quick dance moves as the excitement catches on.

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McLaurin’s visit was part of the White House celebration of Black History Month, and it was two years in the making. Back in 2014, McLaurin posted a video to YouTube, telling the world how much she wanted to meet the first black president. In it, she says, “I didn’t think I’d ever live to see a colored president. I am so happy. I pray for you every day of my life.”

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