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Prince’s sense of humor is a strange thing, but the musician always acts on his various obsessions. Remember when he guest-starred on an episode of “New Girl” as himself just because he liked the show? Now, Prince has joined Instagram and is already started calling it “Princestagram.”

Over the course of a single day, he posted almost a hundred photos. And he’s not just uploading them randomly, either — Prince does not do anything sloppily. No, Prince has curated a collection of perfectly organized Instagram pics.

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He’s collected a mix of professional portraits, concert shots, spelled out “PRINCESTAGRAM” with sparkly letters and showcased his trademark sense of humor (this is the man who used Dave Chappelle as the cover of one of his albums).

There are a few rules for Princestagram. Captions, if there is one, need to be in either all caps or crediting a professionally taken photo.


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Memes are acceptable … if they feature Prince. And if they’re incredibly silly.

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Sometimes they don’t feature Prince, but are referencing something he already finds hilarious.


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And a few of the photos simply offer a look into Prince’s strange and entertaining life.


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The revelation that Prince even eats the bite-sized version of Crunch bars, let alone enough to kill him, is worth a click on the Follow button all on its own.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins