To some, the opportunity to buy actual rain from the day Prince died, collected near his estate, would seem priceless. To others, paying $100 for a jar full of water means you should have your head examined.

Either way, the latest form of tribute towards Prince is a strange one, as a man on eBay is selling rain “from the day Prince left us,” with a starting bid of one Benjamin. According to the seller, it was collected outside Paisley Park in Minnesota — but watch out, because the “Purple Rain” seller does not accept returns.

Believe it or not, this is hardly the strangest celebrity-related eBay item we’ve come across over the years. Below, five of the more off-the-wall offerings.

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Kanye’s air

Even the biggest Kanye fan in the world would probably hesitate before paying $60,000 for a ticket to one of his concerts. Yet, in March 2015 somebody listed a bag of air from one of his shows on eBay — you weren’t even at the show, you were just getting the air in a baggy — and it received 90 bids, peaking at $65,000!

eBay eventually yanked down the auction — after all, how could you even verify the air was actually from that show? — and it was quickly followed by copycat auctions. But if the sale had been allowed, imagine how many concertgoers would have shown up at Kanye’s next concert with their pockets filled full of Ziploc bags?

Kanye's air

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Britney’s gum

In the early days of eBay, fans were feeling out what would sell for big bucks — and apparently, they were also setting dangerous precedent. Somebody listed Britney Spears’ used chewing gum in 2004, an auction that eventually reached $14,000 … although, it was revealed that the seller was competing with himself to push up the price. Other Britney auctions at the time included cigarette butts, a used bath towel and a bar of soap.

Singer Britney Spears attends The 2015 ESPYS

ScarJo’s dirty tissue

Well, at least this one was for charity. In 2008, Scarlett Johanson appeared opposite Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show,” explaining that she’d been battling a cold. Handing him a used tissue in a sealed, autographed bag, Leno then auctioned it off on eBay for $5300, which was used to fight hunger. Congratulations to whoever won the bidding — now you can catch Scarlett Johansson’s cold, anytime you want to open up that bag and breathe it in!

Scarlet Johanssen in the "Captain America: Civil War" trailer SOURCE: Disney/Marvel

Salinger’s Toilet

Perhaps the most bizarre tangentially-related celebrity item to ever hit eBay, in 2010 a man who had access to the home occupied in the ’80s by the famously reclusive “Catcher in the Rye” author put his commode up for sale. “Salinger is believed to have left behind a substantial volume of unpublished writing, and … surely Salinger conceived some of it while sitting on [this toilet],” the seller reasoned, listing the porcelain, Crane Oxford toilet for a starting price of $1,000,000.

Everybody’s bras

Got a favorite actress? Are you pervy enough to want to touch something that once touched their … you know whats? Well, eBay is your answer. Whether you support Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Amy Adams, Terri Hatcher or dozens of other celebs, here’s your chance to own their support. Surprisingly enough, each winning bid does not come with a restraining order.

Megan Fox SOURCE: Getty

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