Randy and Evi Quaid attend Slamdance Film Festival

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi are going to be in American custody for some time as bail has been set at $500,000 each.

According to USA Today, Evi’s lawyer unsuccessfully tried to argue that her bail should be lowered to $2,500. Vermont Channel 3 News reporter Logan Crawford reports Randy’s bail also remains at half a million after his hearing on Oct. 12.

The Quaids were arrested on Oct. 6 in Canada. Since that date, the couple left Canada, illegally crossing the border back into the United States, and were arrested in Vermont on Oct. 10.

This comes five years after the Quaids left the U.S. and went to Canada looking for refugee status after claiming that “Hollywood star-whackers” were after them. Evi was able to gain Canadian citizenship, but Quaid was denied both citizenship and permanent residency in the nation.


Crawford was also able to determine from the hearing that Quaid claims he never knew about missing the Canadian court appearance that prompted his arrest on Oct. 6.


Now that the Randy and Evi are back in the U.S., it looks like they may be charged for crimes they committed before fleeing to Canada.

They were accused of committing thousands of dollars’ worth of vandalism in a house they believed they still owned in Santa Barbara in 2010, but left the country before they were able to settle those charges.

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Now, the LA Times reports that the Santa Barbara sheriff’s office is ready to prosecute the Quaids. The sheriff announced “It is the intent of the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office that Mr. and Mrs. Quaid, either voluntarily or if necessary by a warrant from the Governor of California, go through the judicial process.”

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That means that if Randy and Evi are unwilling to return to California to face a judge, they can be forcibly transported back to Santa Barbara, or in the words of the sheriff’s office, “the sheriff’s Felony Fugitives Unit will coordinate their return back to California.”

And there’s a good chance that they will not be returning willingly. On Oct. 7, following Randy’s arrest, Evi posted a fifteen-minute YouTube video of profane rants about politics, blaming Obama’s “incompetence” for their troubles and claiming that their outstanding warrants in California are “ruining” their lives. In a shorter version of the same rant, Evi also goes on a less profanity-laden speech about Hillary Clinton and toasts to their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins