Rapper B.o.B. thinks the Earth is flat

Rapper B.o.B. (real name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.) is taking a page out of Tila Tequila’s book apparently, because he has spent the better part of Sunday and Monday (Jan. 24 and 25) proclaiming that the Earth is flat on his Twitter feed.



It’s really rather glorious, especially when one takes a gander down his timeline and sees that in the past few weeks, the Grammy-nominated artist has also touched on alien abductions, cloning and that the moon landing was fake. He also seems to be drawing a parallel between himself and historical figures Martin Luther King Jr. and Bob Marley.

But getting back to his “the Earth is flat” rant — B.o.B. has been offering up “proof” to his theory in the form of a lot of photos of flat pieces of land, coupled with text from “The Atlantean Conspiracy,” a blog that purports to expose global conspiracies “from Atlantis to Zion.”

Astrophysicist and “Star Talk” host Neil deGrasse Tyson caught wind of what B.o.B. was doing and politely but assertively dropped some knowledge in the rapper’s timeline.

B.o.B.’s best “Earth is flat” tweets are below. Enjoy.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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