While Rihanna can’t get all her adoring fans to stand under her umbrella, she can send them piping hot pizza. On Wednesday (June 29), people in Manchester, England were getting soaked in the rain while waiting for the ANTI World Tour to truly begin. Notorious for being late to the stage, the 28-year-old singer was able turn a grumpy wet concert crowd into happy excited fans by surprising them all with free dinner.

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In addition to getting over 20 pizzas delivered, Rihanna made sure towels were handed out, as well. It’s sweet that RiRi wanted to help keep her crew dry and happy. The thoughtful gift worked like a charm, too.

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Fans immediately started posting pictures on social media of themselves enjoying their celebrity-gifted pizza. While they were still getting rained on, her fans appear to have stopped caring about the dismal weather conditions and Rihanna’s tardiness. Plus, if you think the singer skimped on toppings, think again. It appears she delivered the delicious goods with both pepperoni pizzas and Hawaiian style pies.

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