Rose McGowan attends Dawn screening and Q&A

The public might have praised Rose McGowan after she called out Adam Sandler over Twitter for a sexist casting note, but her agent wasn’t a fan. A week after the former “Charmed” star posted her first tweet, she revealed her agency let her go.

“I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bulls*** in Hollywood. Hahaha. #d*****bags #awesome #BRINGIT,” she tweets.

Many jumped to assume that the agent McGowan was talking about is Sheila Wenzel. That became especially timely when Variety reported Wenzel exited Innovative Artist, seemingly after news of McGowan’s firing broke. She declined to comment on the situation.

But McGowan took to Twitter again to explain, saying Wenzel was gone before anyone fired McGowan.

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The whole fiasco started when McGowan received a casting call for a movie starring Adam Sandler that included the note: “Wardrobe note: Black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up bras encouraged). And form fitting leggs or jeans. Nothing white.”

She posted a photo of the note to Twitter and captioned it simply by saying, “Casting note that came w/script I got today. For real. name of male star rhymes with Madam Panhandler hahahaha I die.”

“It was just so dumb,” she later told Entertainment Weekly about why she tweeted what she did. “I was offended by the stupidity more than anything. I was offended by the fact that went through so many people’s hands and nobody red flagged it. This is normal to so many people. It was probably even a girl that had to type it up. It’s institutionally okay.”

“I’m not trying to vilify Adam Sandler,” she continued. “Although someone did tell me that when he did his Netflix deal, he said, ‘I signed with Netflix because it rhymes with Wet Chicks.’ I mean, what? What in the f*** is going on? No!”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz