Snoop Dogg is the newest authority on animal interactions in the wild, thanks to his new web series “Planet Snoop.”

In January, a petition for the rapper to receive his own nature show went viral following a series of skits on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” called “Plizzanet Snoop.” That petition worked … sort of.

The petition, titled “Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate Whole Season of Planet Earth,” garnered more than 75,000 signatures asking him to narrate BBC’s Emmy Award-winning nature series, and even received an endorsement from the rapper himself.

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Merry Jane, a cannabis culture site, took matters into its own hands and produced the nature documentary as an original web series.

“So grab your bud and your bong, and get ready to LOL at our first episode of ‘Planet Snoop,'” the site writes in the video description.

In the first episode, Snoop Dogg details an altercation between a squirrel and a snake. To the rapper’s surprise, the interaction doesn’t pan out quite as he imagined.

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Initially, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper assumed that the snake would dominate in the fight. “The snake is going to whoop him. This is an easy win,” Snoop says, but when the snake is a little slow in his response, the rapper switches sides.

“This squirrel is hard, what gang he from?” says Snoop. “I got my money on the squirrel, cuz.”

The rapper laughs, blunt in hand, when the squirrel ultimately becomes victorious. Future episodes will be released on Merry Jane’s website.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes