“Arrow” star Stephen Amell is married to beautiful former pageant queen Cassandra Jean, and together they have a gorgeous little girl, Mavi Alexandra. Usually, it can get annoying or obnoxious when a parent is constantly posting pictures of their child on social media, but not when it’s Amell posting the the pics.

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The 35-year-old actor’s love for his daughter is abundantly clear in every photo. Honestly, it’s almost too much adorableness. This Father’s Day, Zap2it is awarding him the 2016 Instagram award for best (and hottest) dad ever. Take a look at the photos below, and just try not to die from all the cuteness.

It also doesn’t hurt that Amell is as handsome as the ocean is wide.

Seriously, can you handle all this cuteness?

We can’t.

There’s something about seeing such a hunky man turn into mush around his child. Mavi clearly has her father in the palm of her hand.

Easy like Sunday morning…

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Amell even has an endearing sense of humor with his captions.

For real?

Amell is the ultimate family man.

It’s clear that his daughter is the most important person in Amell’s life.

Flying halfway across the world is easy cause this.

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Swoon. And Happy Father’s Day.

Last one. In case your heart hasn’t melted already.

Best. Day. Ever. Huge thanks to @brichardson15 for being the man.

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