From the looks of this tweet from “Arrow” star Stephen Amell, it seems as though he did indeed “taste pain” during his well-received debut at “WWE SummerSlam” Sunday (Aug. 23). But, in the words of Amell himself, no matter how many bruises, scrapes or sore muscles he received, the experience seems to have been “worth it.”

Zap2it’s own WWE expert Chris Hayner wrote that Amell was one of the best elements of Sunday’s SummerSlam, that the “Arrow” actor “looked like the star he is in the ring and delivered a perfectly fun match with [Adrian] Neville, King Barrett and Stardust.”

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To Amell’s credit, the actor has fully committed to his WWE appearances, which seem to have won over the support of professional wrestling fans and the WWE talent themselves.

Not that Amell needs to put away his “Arrow” cape anytime soon, but if he wanted to he’d probably have a chance at a WWE gig of some sort.

Posted by:Kara Warner