You might claim to be a fan of a certain franchise, series or movie star — but (and we do mean butt) one super-fan has raised the bar for the rest of us. As John C. Reilly hilariously revealed to Conan O’Brien recently, an admirer of “Step Brothers” (the 2008 cult comedy he made alongside Will Ferrell) got an epic tattoo of the two stars — one on each cheek.

This raises so many questions: How long did it take before this dude could sit down again? How much did he have to pay the poor tattoo artist who slaved away on his butt-cheeks for one unpleasant hour after the next? Is this guy married, and if so, does she have Reilly and Ferrell from “Talladega Nights” on her butt?

It also raises one last question: Is this the craziest fan tattoo of all time? Below, we take a look at a few other candidates whose tattoos are fun, freaky or just plain flummoxing.

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Superhero Tattoos

We’ve all seen pictures of Peter Parker with his Spidey outfit slashed, revealing his skin. But imagine in if it were the other way around? Then there’s a “Guardians of The Galaxy” fan whose limbs are so intricately tattooed that it’s hard to tell which is which.

Movie tattoos

Look, nobody loves movies more than we do. But, as simple as a Harry Potter lightning bolt may look, it’s still a face tattoo. Like, on your face, forever. Wow, that’s hardcore. And, seriously: “Tusk”?


RIP Muhammad Ali. We know at least one person who’ll never forget you (and actually, that might be the coolest tat on this whole page).

The Winner

The all-time winner has to be the celebrity who has a tattoo of himself: Steve-O from “Jackass.” Sorry, “Step Brothers” butt-man, but when it comes to feats of insanity, he’s a hard guy to beat.

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