Taylor Swift performs at the 1989 tour in Manchester, England

Another day, another example of how Taylor Swift uses her celebrity for good — and for the good of her fans. This time it’s by allowing an Australian theater company to use her song “Shake it Off” in a play set to open August 5.

The Belvoir Theater in Sydney was preparing for a production of the play “Seventeen,” a story about 17-year-olds on their final night of high school. The Belvoir production put their own spin on the play in that the 17-year-old characters are played by 70-year-old actors who, in the final showstopping number, dance to Swift’s hit, “Shake it Off.”

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Everything was going according to plan until at the last minute the company was denied permission to use the song by the publishers. Theater director Anne-Louise Sarks took to Twitter to ask Swift for help in their “artistic emergency” using the hashtag “greygrey4taytay.” Unsurprisingly, Swift came to the rescue:

Fingers crossed the company shares a video of their “Shake It Off” performance with Swift and hopefully, all of social media. Until then, you can watch the company’s victory dance upon hearing Ms. Swift granted them use of her song:

Posted by:Kara Warner