Any worry that Taylor Swift had hard feelings against fellow musician Ryan Adams for doing a complete cover album of her recent hit “1989” will dissipate after seeing the two in this charming interview from “GQ” where Swift gets the chance to geek out about music, her writing process and declare her admiration for Adams’ covers.

While Swift is often asked about her #squad and her love life, it’s far less often that she gets the chance to talk about how a dream about her ex inspired an unexpected choral arrangement.

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Adams treats Swift like the musician she is, asking about her inspirations. Overall, Swift’s biggest inspiration for “1989”? John Hughes movies. Adams’ biggest inspiration in general? The music of The Smiths.

And Swift gets into the differences between her version of “All You Had to Do Was Stay” and Adams’, citing her own as more dismissive, while Adams turned it into a tragic, pleading moment.

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Just like Adams draws out Taylor’s nerdy side, having Swift there helps Adams, who starts the interview a bit serious and quiet, get silly and weird, asking an uncooperative Siri funny questions.

The interview’s final revelation: Swift may not be working on any specific album right now, but she collects lyrics and works on songs for years before putting out new material, so there could be an eventual Taylor Swift hit record about hanging with Ryan Adams in a few years.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins