It’s time for some real talk Hiddleswift fans. It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s new relationship with Tom Hiddleston kind of came out of nowhere, and more than a few people have begun to speculate that it might be a total scam.

But are the two sweetest people in Hollywood really capable of forming a totally fake relationship?

On one hand, Swift has complained endlessly about the public interest in her romantic life and how she can never seem to get through an awards show without someone mentioning her significant other — or lack thereof — on stage. It seems unlikely that someone who has shied away from the spotlight so much in her personal life would fake a relationship for the press.

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Plus … she’s Taylor Swift. She’s not exactly hurting when it comes to media attention on any given day. Hiddleston also doesn’t seem like the type to pull such a stunt. Historically, he’s kept his dating life so far under wraps that you’d be hard pressed to find any information on past girlfriends.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence supporting the theory that this whirlwind romance is complete bull. After all, the two stars had never even been seen in the same room together before the Met Gala back in May. One video of them dancing next to each other goes viral, and suddenly they’re dating a month later? Hmm …

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Following their very public beach snuggling session that broke the story, the pair seemed to be taking the relationship fast track. Meeting the parents, hosting holiday parties and a romantic getaway to Australia have taken up their first few weeks of dating. All this was of course peppered with quotes from sources close to the couple about how perfect they are for each other.

In most cases,  a “source close to the couple” is usually code for “publicist looking to drum up interest.” That would explain why so many secret details about the couple have been leaking left and right.

Most recently E! News reported that Hiddleswift are already talking about marriage and kids, which throws more than a few red flags up. Babies and marriage after one month of dating? Either someone is seriously messing with us, or this relationship just took a “Fatal Attraction” kind of turn.

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Most would assume that Swift is looking to make some headlines before the probable release of her next album in the fall. Or, maybe Hiddleston is hoping to shift the Swift-centered spotlight onto his Emmy-hopeful mini-series, “The Night Manager.” We’ve got a different theory.

This whirlwind romance and the press that seems to follow it around like a rabid dog (Exhibit A: this article) could all be a cleverly constructed ruse to point out the problem both celebrities have battled in the past regarding media attention.

Creating the image of a perfect relationship for the press to gush over, only to demolish the entire thing as a lie weeks (or even months) later, would be a hell of a way to prove to the world that what you read in celebrity gossip magazines is not actually what you get when it comes to their real life.

It might seem like an extreme idea for such kind and quiet stars, but the alternative is that these two are actually a real couple … and that’s kind of even crazier.

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