Taylor Swift recently opened her home to Vogue for an interview and in addition to giving a tour of her luxurious yet homey estate in Los Angeles, she answered the magazine’s 73 questions that they had for her. Seventy-three! That’s a lot of questions.

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However, fans already know that she loves cats and high-waisted clothing. So while it’s fun to know she always keeps hummus in the fridge, and hand sanitizer in her purse, Zap2it narrowed down the interview down to the Top 10 most surprising answers the 26-year-old pop star gave.

1.Her favorite drink is Diet Coke and vodka

Diet Coke and vodka


2. She can’t do a handstand or a cartwheel.

3. The best gift she ever received was an olive tree that boyfriend Calvin Harris planted in her backyard.

Calvin Harris

4. If she could raid one woman’s closet it would be Blake Lively’s.

Blake Lively

5. The most important life lesson for someone to learn? ‘Karma is real.’

(We’re looking’ at you, Kanye).


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6. The 'Bad Blood' singer keeps one of her MTV Video Music Awards in between her espresso machine and the coffee pot.

Taylor Swift and her MTV Moon Man

7. If calories didn't count, she would eat chicken fingers every day.

Chicken fingers

8. The song Swift wish she had written is the "Friends" theme song. "Cause of those royalties," she says.

9. If she had one superpower, it would be to heal people.

10. Swift's favorite lyrics ever written: "I had some dreams. They were clouds in my coffee," from Carly Simon's "You're So Vain."

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