Fans of Tracy Morgan were saddened last year to learn that the funnyman was involved in a life-threatening car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike. Although Morgan survived, his friend James McNair was killed, and the “30 Rock” star suffered a broken leg and femur, a broken nose and other serious injuries that required surgery.

Now, veteran comedian Damon Wayans is offering an update that has lots of reasons to make Morgan and his fans happy again — 90 million of them, in fact.

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The star of “In Living Colour” and “The Last Boy Scout” (and not to be confused with his famous “Let’s Be Cops” son Damon Wayans Jr.) was on Charlamagne Tha God’s “Breakfast Club” radio show Friday (Sept. 4) where he revealed the information about his comedian friend.

“Tracey Morgan right now, got $90 million,” Wayans let slip while discussing the difficulties of being a comedian with some money in the bank (the comments begin at 13:57 in the video above), drawing a parallel between Morgan’s settlement and Dave Chappelle’s legendary contract stand-off with Comedy Central.

“So when [Morgan] gets on stage, people got 90 million things on their mind besides his comedy. And so it becomes hard, people put money before you. You’re supposed to be representing them, you’re the voice of the people; you’re no longer the voice of the people, so it makes you resentful and a little crazy.”

“People are sitting around [saying] ‘Man, I wish a Wal-Mart truck hit me,'” Wayans continues.

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But when Charlamagne counters with “Yeah, but you’ve got to look at it like he lost a friend, he was disabled for a little while,” Wayans responds: “I’m happy he got his money.”

The problem with verifying Wayans’ comments is that the settlement with Wal-Mart includes a confidentiality clause — and Morgan’s representative tells TMZ that Wayans is misinformed. “Tracy has had no contact with Mr. Wayans since before the accident, so there is no way he would be able to know this and thus is false.”

In semi-related news, Business Insider reports that Morgan purchased a $14 million mansion with 22 rooms this week, so even if Wayans’ numbers are off, it seems likely that Tracy Morgan’s settlement was for an elevated figure.

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