Lamar Odom in European Basketball League 2014

The outlook for Lamar Odom continues to look grim, as Thursday (Oct. 15) a reporter from TMZ tweeted, “Lamar’s condition has deteriorated & docs are telling fam the longer he remains in this condition the less likely he will recover.”

The NBA star was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel and hospitalized in Las Vegas on Oct. 13.

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Ex-wife Khloe Karadashian is legally in charge of Odom’s medical decisions as he remains unconscious because their divorce, citing irrevocable difference back in 2013, was never finalized. Khloe has yet to leave Odom’s side, and the entire Kardashian family is at the Las Vegas hospital in support. Sister Kourtney recently tweeted, “Believing in the power of prayer for this beautiful soul.”

As the 35-year-old remains struggling for his life in a coma, Odom is also surrounded by his father, ex Liza Morales and their two children, Destiny, 17, Lamar Jr,. 13, along with Rev. Jesse Jackson, who told CNN that they are “holding hands in prayer.”

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Details of what led to the police finding Odom unconscious at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nev., are tricking in, “Odom took cocaine and as many as 10 sexual-performance supplement pills leading up to his hospitalization in Las Vegas,” USA Today reports.

Concern for Odom’s health is causing both an outpouring of love, and serious frustration from fans, friends, and family. Even though Lakers star Kobe Bryant rushed to be by his old teammate’s side, rapper Master P is throwing blame in his direction. He released a video claiming Bryant was never a true friend, saying that all Odom “wanted to do was play basketball. Kobe was his friend — Kobe owned the team. He could’ve gotten the man back on the team — that’s what [Lamar] wanted.”

Odom bounced between four teams in his 14 seasons in the NBA, but was continuously loved and revered for his time as a forward with the Lakers, and later as a reality star on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Khloe and Lamar.”

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