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Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler spent Valentine’s weekend in Sedona, AZ getting cuddly and cute in the Arizona desert. These two actors weren’t the only famous things in the desert though, since the area is apparently very well know for its beautiful rock formations.

The formations are considered the property of the U.S government, which makes the fact that Hudgens and Butler carved their names inside a heart onto one of the rocks a big no-no.

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TMZ reports that the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest might now be pursuing legal action against Hudgens and her boyfriend for the graffiti, and it seems they’ve actually got a solid chance of winning their case.

There are federal laws “prohibiting anyone from damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States,” the penalty for which is six months jail time or a fee of up to $6,000.

Hudgens previously posted a photo of the “damage” to Instagram, but she later took the post down, most likely for legal reasons.

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