The music world is in mourning over the news of the death of Vanity. The former lead singer of the group Vanity 6 and one-time protege of Prince has passed away at 57 years old, TMZ reports.

Vanity — real name Denise Katrina Matthews — died in a California hospital on Monday (Feb. 15), a family source tells the website, after battling kidney failure for several years and an abdominal illness. Her passing comes nearly five months after she launched a GoFundMe fundraiser to help with medical costs that has accrued after what she said were 23 surgeries and a diagnosis of Sclerosis Encapsulating Peritonitis.

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She was seeking $50,000 to help cover the bills. To date, the campaign has grown to over $6,500 in donations from fans. At the time, Vanity also mentioned she was hoping to republish her autobiography, “Blame is on Vanity,” to help cover the costs.

After finding fame with her connection to Prince and the 1982 hit song “Nasty Girl,” Vanity became addicted to crack in the early ’90s, overdosing in 1994. She later left the entertainment industry and became a born-again Christian, heavily involved in her church.

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