Already, it seems like Vin Diesel’s press bonanza in advance of his new fantasy action film, “The Last Witch Hunter,” threatens to be more interesting than the film itself. For the past few weeks, the “Fast & Furious” actor teased the process of choosing a director for the series’ eighth installment via his Facebook page, ultimately confirming that F. Gary Gray will be doing the honors. He’s also been open about his grief about friend and costar Paul Walker’s death. And now, he’s posting pictures of his “dad bod” on Instagram.

The whole thing started when, according to another caption from Vin’s Instagram, a journalist “wanted to see the dad bod.”

Well, that journalist clearly knew the right question to ask, because the post has already racked up almost ten thousand comments in just a single day, and almost 300 thousand likes. The response was so positive that Diesel followed it up a few hours later with a shot of his six-pack.

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It’s not totally clear if Diesel is simply disproving the suggestion that he has a dad bod, or if he’s owning the term since he is a real-life dad. Either way, Diesel did get some criticism recently after a set of paparazzi photos showed the actor looking less fit than he does on his IG, and the picture offered a rebuttal to his critics.

Even though he’s evidently in great shape, Diesel did remind his Instagram followers of one very important thing — “body-shaming is always wrong!” Seems like so far, his fans have taken his advice seriously, and most of the comments are focused on celebration rather than negativity.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins