It’s no secret Vin Diesel loves “Dungeons and Dragons.” Now fans can watch the “Furious 7” star get his nerd on alongside Geek and Sundry’s Matt Mercer and Nerdist’s Dan Casey, Jessica Chobot, Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham as they set off on an epic table-top adventure.

“A curse has befallen the village of Bronbogg” in Geek and Sundry’s game of “Dungeons and Dragons” with Vin Diesel, “Drawing the attention of a mysterious hero and his band of warriors.”

“I am Kaulder the witch-hunter,” growls Diesel. Later, he blasts some arcane energy and fells a swamp hag. “I like this. Attack!”

In his Facebook wrap-up, Diesel talks about how much fun he had and says they definitely need to do this again.

“I haven’t played in so long, I had so much fun. The [dungeon master] Matt Mercer was so cool. … I had so much fun playing ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ I mean, it’s been so long and I work so hard, I need more time for myself,” says Diesel.

“The Last Witch Hunter” may not be slaying the box office, but Diesel certainly slays some “D&D.” Highlights are above with the full episode below.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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