Are you feeling thirsty? In the mood for an “Old School”-inspired adult beverage? Well friend, you’re in luck — because a new bar just opened, and ordering the milkshake is never a bad choice.

A new Will Ferrell-themed watering hole has indeed opened in New York City. Called “Stay Classy,” it is filled with Ferrell-themed tchotchkes on the wall and stocked with boozy drinks that will get you reciting all your favorite Ferrell lines from over the years.

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Get your thirst quenched with the Smelly Pirate Hooker jalapeno margarita (an “Anchorman” reference, in case you didn’t catch it), or if you’re more of a whiskey drinker maybe try the Shake and Bake (“Talladega Nights”); if you’re a fan of “Zoolander,” sip on a Mugatu Mule while flashing your best Blue Steel, or if you’re wishing you were in San Diego you can settle back with a Whale’s Vagina (vodka, triple sec, orange juice and gin).

In reference to “The Other Guys,” the bathrooms are even labeled “F-Shack 1” and “F-Shack 2.”

“It’s not a college or frat bar, it’s a classy artsy place that happens to have a Will Ferrell character-inspired art gallery and drink menu,” the bar’s owner, Zach Neil, tells Downtown. “We love Will Ferrell, we think he’s incredibly funny and has been a constant source of joy for us since childhood. So when deciding what to do, it was like, ‘I’d love a place where you could sit and drink a great cocktail, watch a funny movie and share conversation with people without blasting music in uncomfortable surroundings.’”


If you really want to lock yourself in a glass case of emotion, check this out: On October 23, “Stay Classy” will have their official launch in the form of an “Anchorman”-inspired costume party. Come as any character from the 2004 comedy and your first drink is free. There are also plans for “Elf”-themed Christmas parties, proving there is no season which can’t be made better with a little Will Ferrell.

Once word gets out about this place, Ferrell himself just has to swing by, right? So if you happen to be there some evening and find yourself in a bathroom stall being invaded by a man with a jazz flute, be sure to ask for an autograph.

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