Will, Jaden and Jada Pinkett Smith

There’s a lot of things you can say about Jaden Smith, but lazy probably isn’t one of them. The 17-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith fancies himself to be many things; A model, a rapper, a philosopher, an actor. But for many, he’s just the kid that won’t go away.

One of those who may have had enough is his dad, Will. When asked about the freedom of expression both Jaden and his sister Willow Smith have, the “Concussion” star quickly says on BBC Radio 1Xtra, “I think we may have made a mistake … I think we may have gone too far.”

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No worries though, as Smith is just joking around. Truthfully, the actor is proud of the way his children have been raised.

“There’s a really powerful internal quality as an artist that as parents we encourage. You’ve gotta get out on the edge,” Smith says. “You’ve got to be comfortable doing things that you could fail.”

In the face of failure though, Smith believes his son thrives.

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“Jaden is 100 percent fearless, he will do anything,” he explains. “So as a parent it’s scary, it’s really terrifying — but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions and he just doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

Still, perhaps Will can talk his teenage son out of writing a philosophy book. That’s something he should probably think about doing after he’s experienced a bit more of what the world has to offer.

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