When Republican frontrunner Donald Trump recently called Barack Obama “The worst president in the history of our country,” the leader of the free world had to bite his tongue. Typically, it’s considered bad form for a sitting president to respond to candidates’ inevitable jabs. The YouTube/Vine sensation known as Alphacat, however, doesn’t need to stay so polite.

As such, Iman Crosson — the real name of Alphacat and the most popular Obama impersonator on the Web — is laying the smack down on Trump in a new viral video. Spoofing Drake’s “Back to Back,” the video features “Obama” rapping a combative verse — but instead of targeting Meek Mill, this version is out to diss the “Celebrity Apprentice” boss.

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“Can’t fool my country, man, they know what’s up/I wrote these bars while Michelle gave me a shoulder rub,” Alphacat raps, defending the president. “You’ll make America better? I laughed so hard, I’m crying/’MmmmmmOhMyGod, why you always lying’?””

Hitting back on Trump’s divorces, his supposed toupee and bad relationship with Mexicans, Alphacat makes a good case for the kinds of things Obama could have thrown back at Trump’s comment if he had been so inclined. When it comes to viral video stars, this much seem clear: If Obama gets dissed again, Alphacat’s got his back to back.

Posted by:Larry Carroll

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