Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik reveal baby name

Walking the red carpet during last night’s premiere of her latest movie, “Rock the Kasbah,” actress Zooey Deschanel revealed her baby girl’s name, a secret she’s kept under wraps since the baby was born in Austin, TX, back in July.

“It’s Elsie …” Deschanel tells People, while husband Jacob Pechenik, who produced “Kasbah,” reveals their child’s middle name is “Otter.”

“Like the animal,” the “New Girl” star clarifies, in case anyone was confused.

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The 35-year-old first-time mom explained how she picked out the unique name while appearing the “The Today Show” on Oct. 20.

“We just really liked the name Elsie and then we also love otters — they’re very sweet and they’re also smart,” says Deschanel. “They use tools … they hold hands while they sleep, there’s so many amazing things about otters. They’re wonderful animals.”

According to nameberry.com, Elsie means “pledged from God,” and otters are carnivorous mammals.

Pictures of the couple’s newborn have not been released, but “New Girl” co-star Lamorne Morris reveals to People that “she looks like Zooey,” obviously meaning “she’s an extremely cute baby.”

It’s been a good week for the new mom. Other than returning from maternity leave to film the 5th season of “New Girl,” and promoting “Rock the Kasbah,” which opens in theaters Oct. 23, Deschanel’s Los Angeles based start-up “HelloGiggles” was bought by Time Inc. for an estimated $30 million.

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