Articles Sitemap: Part 11

Ripped from the headlines: The 12 best & worst inspirations for ‘Law & Order: SVU’IMDb’s message board shut-down and the lost potential of the webNew slang: All about the language of ‘The 100,’ from the man who created itAida’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’ origin seems to be taking an evil turnNoah Hawley & Dan Stevens on the ‘Clockwork Orange’/’Quadrophenia’ style of ‘Legion’Forget Cal, Sarah’s the real one to fear on ‘The Path’‘Invasion’ will be the best season of ‘The Challenge’ ever. For real. And here’s why‘Outsiders’ Christina Jackson breaks down Sally-Ann’s difficult decisionThere’s no way ‘This Is Us’ will end Jack & Rebecca’s marriage with a divorceThis shocker is the perfect example of ‘Jane the Virgin’s’ genius‘Legends of Tomorrow’ exclusive: Finally, we have some romance!Bob Morley teases ‘The 100’s’ apocalypse secret: A ‘throwback to Season 1’Midnight in Paris: ‘Timeless’ meets Josephine Baker‘The Vampire Diaries’: What does a human Stefan mean for Steroline?‘The Bachelor’ cleans house: The real reason Nick wants to quit his own seasonKeiynan Lonsdale on Kid Flash’s growing pains & moreGet ready for a ‘mind-blowing journey’ — Aubrey Plaza talks FX’s ‘Legion’Is the ‘Quantico’ hostage crisis really over?M’Gann’s ex-husband swings by to visit ‘Supergirl’New ’24: Legacy’ hero Eric Carter goes full Jack Bauer immediatelyDavid Hoflin on playing Fitzgerald in ‘Z’: ‘A fine line between arrogance & confidence’‘The Walking Dead’ should absolutely introduce Clementine and here’s when‘The Flash’ villain of the week is very familiar to ‘Gotham’ fansThe Masked Scheduler: Why I killed off Teri Bauer in ’24’ Season 1 & the impact it had on the franchise‘Surreal, different & wonderful’: ‘Legion’ star Rachel Keller on filming with Noah HawleySuper Bowl commercial roundup: The 8 can’t-miss spotsA White Martian is about to turn ‘Supergirl’ into a horror showEric Carter is the best thing to happen to ’24’ — since Jack BauerNot even ‘Weekend Update’ can dull the brightness of Kristen Stewart’s ‘SNL’The Watch List: Screener’s guide to the best of the week, Feb. 5-12‘The Magicians’: Quentin is the feminist fantasy hero fans have been waiting forGypsy needs to return to ‘The Flash’ (or any other Arrow-verse show) STAT!Teamwork makes the dream work when ‘The Walking Dead’ returns‘Santa Clarita Diet’ gives the zombie apocalypse a refreshing new origin storyVincent D’Onofrio on ‘Emerald City’ Wizard’s backstory & that awful wig of hisThe ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ wedding from hell sets the tone for Season 3Hold the cure — did ‘The Vampire Diaries’ really just kill Enzo?Bill Paxton is the main reason to see ‘Training Day’ — and so far the only onePuppy Bowl preview: Will Team Ruff or Team Tuff prevail?Olivia Pope is the scariest kind of friend on ‘Scandal’‘Drag Race’ Season 9 contestants Ru-vealed: Our Top 3, Fan Favorite & Week 1 loser(s)Lily Sunder is exactly the ‘Supernatural’ hero we need‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Karev is back but another beloved doctor is outUnexpected, timely pay-gap storyline in ‘The Blacklist’ doesn’t go far enoughNBC’s ‘Powerless’ could take a note from ‘Parks & Rec’Leaked Super Bowl commercials are making the game less funMichael Malarkey on ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Bonenzo’s at ‘the height of their joy’Super Bowl LI: Where to watch & stream the game’30 for 30′ takes on the XFL: 7 signs it was doomed from the start‘Riverdale’s’ Cheryl Blossom is guilty — but of what?‘Nashville’: Maddie is out of control & Clay’s days are numberedHow to watch (bet on) the Super Bowl, without actually watching (betting on) the game itselfLucy Hale’s new CW dramedy ‘Life Sentence’ feels eerily familiarThe healthiest thing ‘Jane the Virgin’ ever did: Chill out for like one secondPresident Mellie Grant would have a really excellent Twitter, for startersEven amid a frenzied premiere, ‘The Fosters’ radically celebrates loveIt’s the quiet moments that make ‘The Expanse’ Syfy’s best since ‘BSG’WGN America’s key art for ‘Underground’ Season 2 officially ‘rises up’Loose cannon Castiel is the gift ‘Supernatural’ needs right nowLiza Weil says ‘HTGAWM’s’ Keating Four are ‘really becoming unhinged’‘Powerless’ is a world in which Batman is essentially LeBron James‘Suits’: Mike & Harvey find happiness on parallel paths … but will they ever converge again?Stella Maeve teases an ‘extremely intense’ Julia & Marina scene for ‘Magicians’Clarke & Bellamy keep ‘The 100’s’ biggest threat yet a secret‘Vikings’ Michael Hirst breaks down Season 4 finale shockersChristina Ricci is so much better than jazz in ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’Gaslighting, Gatsby & guzzling: This week’s Housewives roundup‘The Mick’ finally addresses the elephant in the roomThe price of Diggle’s freedom on ‘Arrow’ may be Felicity’s soul‘The Path’ doubles down on its own dysfunction, family-style