Articles Sitemap: Part 25

Cody Rhodes brings Stardust to ‘Arrow’ & can’t wait for WWE’s reactionJeremy Gilbert can — and should — return to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for Season 8Hugh Laurie takes a ‘Chance’ on a much darker ‘House’5 takeaways from the ‘Scream’ Halloween specialWe’ve got a theory: ‘The Flash’s’ Julian Albert is actually Dr. Alchemy‘Candle Cove’ is like Stephen King’s ‘IT’ without the clownWhat do the new ‘Gilmore Girls’ photos tell us about the revival?Have we hit peak Ryan Murphy?Here’s how ‘Supergirl’ will join the ‘Arrow’-verse crossover‘Atlanta’ is the sum of Donald Glover’s disparate careers‘Westworld’ updates classic sci-fi tropes of body horror, autonomyDon’t let the nail polish fool you, ‘Sweet/Vicious’ is here to kick some butt(Really) old school: Recounting the ages of the ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ castThe binge-watcher’s guide to witches, witchcraft & wizardryAre we rooting for the wrong heroes on ‘Timeless’?Who is Mon-El, and why is he strangling ‘Supergirl’?‘The Price Is Right’ Big Wheel needs to go home because it’s clearly drunkThe biggest mistake ‘The Walking Dead’ can make with Negan: Following the comicsRichard Madden puts ‘GoT’ Lord Stoneheart theory to bedNo, you’re not the only one getting heavy ‘Die Hard’ vibes from ‘Quantico’Dolores goes down the Wonderland … er, ‘Westworld’ … rabbit hole‘Once Upon a Time’ flips the Jekyll & Hyde script‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ explores family values in the bloodiest way possibleCounting down ‘Arrow’s’ 5 best villainsForget the Phantom Zone, the ‘Supergirl’ friend zone is lethalPotes Notes: Finding the Tao in ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’‘SNL’ post-mortem: Emily Blunt steals the show; Meet the new Ken BoneWatch List: This week’s must-see Halloween-themed TVTV Rewind: The ‘PLL’s ‘Keep Your Friends Close’ at Camp MonaCelebrate ‘The Simpsons’ 600th episode with the 5 best Treehouse of Horror storiesA tale of two ‘Comptons’: Michel’le’s N.W.A. story is dark & full of monstersThe ethos of ‘Westworld’: Do you go White Hat or Black Hat?Can Maddie step up her relationship game in ‘Nashville’ Season 5?‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ true legacy is its tale of hope in a post-9/11 world‘The Exorcist’ supports Donald Trump’s notion: Life in Chicago is hellAlaska dishes all the ‘All Stars’ tea on Rolaskatox & what the cameras didn’t show3 lessons ‘Arrow’ should learn from its greatest seasonTV Rewind: ‘PLL’s’ ‘Perfect Storm’ of Alison’s cruelty and Mrs. Hastings being awesomeGoldberg is back in WWE, but let’s keep expectations realisticDon’t stop believing: ‘Supernatural’s’ 12-year crisis of faith‘Versailles’: King Louis XIV is the 17th-century ‘Bachelor’ (EXCLUSIVE)TV Rewind: ‘PLL’s’ ‘Please, Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone’ drops so much info‘Grey’s Anatomy’ nanny diaries: The baby boom continuesOne of ‘HTGAWM’s’ Keating 5 is safe… and pregnant?!‘Supernatural’s’ new threat is way more than ‘an accent in a pant suit’‘Drag Race: All Stars 2’ winner: Fierce fan favorite or temper tantrum queen?‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is finally living up to its hype‘All Stars 2’ finale: Rolaskatox is about to implode‘HTGAWM’ Season 3 is like being on ‘Survivor’ for Matt McGorry‘Gilmore Girls’ guest stars: Before they were famous‘Goliath’ could be Amazon’s first true mainstream hitA historical, albeit brief, analysis of the TV superhero genre‘OUAT’s’ Evil Queen & Hyde are ‘a match made in hell’Can ‘Designated Survivor’ step out from under ’24’s’ shadow?‘BB: OTT’ week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably won’t help the showmanceTV Rewind: The ‘PLL’s have a ‘Homecoming Hangover’Evan Peters is all fine and Dandy on ‘AHS: Roanoke’Flashpoint or not, ‘Arrow’s’ Felicity is a total hypocrite‘Empire’ — and Taye Diggs — finally pay the ‘Rent’‘Frequency’ solves Nightingale Murders in two episodes, setting TV record‘The Walking Dead’ needs to kill off Maggie, #sorrynotsorry‘AHS’ prediction: Lady Gaga’s got a demon son, and his name is Evan Peters‘Arrow’s’ Wild Dog is a ‘lone wolf’ who wants to take the info and runTV Rewind: ‘There’s No Place Like Homecoming’ for the ‘Pretty Little Liars’What ‘The Flash’ changed in the Flashpoint. Spoiler: Barry screwed up.‘This Is Us’ thinking Toby’s working an angleA brief history of the creepiest of pastas, ‘Candle Cove’The last 5 minutes saved the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’/’New Girl’ crossover‘Supergirl’ is getting an unexpected GuardianYou choose you: ‘Mindy Project’ Season 5 redefines the rom-com