The quickest way to the Internet’s heart is to remix, re-create or reinvent a beloved property from decades earlier, so David Moscow is making a play for “Big” fans’ nostalgia as part of his Kickstarter campaign.

In the video, Moscow reenacts his character Josh’s trip to the Zoltar fortune teller where he wishes to become “big” and transforms into adult Josh (Tom Hanks).

The Kickstarter is to raise money for Moscow’s directorial debut, a dark thriller called “Desolation.” The film has completed shooting, but Moscow needs a little assistance with funding for post-production, which is where his need for “Big” fans comes in.

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As the video shows, Moscow has whittled down his options to asking for cash from mobsters and making a throwback-fueled Kickstarter bid. But the video also demonstrates that Moscow’s directorial abilities are solid, since he imitates Penny Marshall’s work on the original “Big” well.

Watch beyond the Zoltar homage, and Moscow explains the premise of “Desolation.” It’s about a young woman who starts experiencing “sinister” happenings after moving to Los Angeles. Moscow describes the film as a “psychological thriller,” so post-production elements like sound and editing are crucial to developing a scary, effective film.

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Moscow promises at the end of the video — as the theme from “Big” plays, toying with those nostalgic fans one last time — that he’s willing to cash in on any of his past work in order to prompt support, even if that means he has to sing and dance in the street, like his performance in “Newsies.”

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins