ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Internet is falling in love with a bride after she was caught on the Jumbotron eating a burger in her wedding dress at a Minnesota Wild game.

FOX Sports North posted the video on its Facebook page where it’s been viewed thousands of times. Comments include “She’s a total keeper…” and “Now that’s a wife right there!”

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There’s also a sweet moment where her new husband wipes her mouth so she doesn’t get anything on her beautiful white gown.

“I was kind of terrified when I first learned I was eating a cheeseburger on TV. The response has been insane,” the bride, Erica Skuta, tells the Star Tribune,

Skuta is a former Minnesota resident while her husband, Blake, is from New Zealand. He told the Star Tribune that they will be doing some hiking and sightseeing on their honeymoon before heading home to New Zealand.

Posted by:Tribune Media Wire