For all you cat owners out there, take note: your Christmas tree is in danger.

It’s probably common knowledge for experienced pet owners out there, but for those not in the know, your little feline friend loves sparkly things. That and their penchant for climbing trees outside make that holiday shrub in the corner of your living room a prime target for some kitty-induced terror.

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Submitted for your approval, the above video supercut is here to showcase all that may go wrong when a cat is left to its own devices in a decorated house. Sure, it’s cute to watch Milo bat at the ornaments dangling from the tree but one false move and something bad is going to happen.

Amusingly so, a bunch of trees topple over throughout the minute and a half long clip. And with some surprised pet owners cameoing throughout the video, one has to wonder if they never saw this coming.

Hey, things could have ended up a lot worse …

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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