When Candace Payne put on a Chewbacca mask the other day and laughed herself silly, she didn’t realize that it would become the laugh heard ’round the world. One hundred and eleven million views later, the time has come for her family to get into the act.

The department store Kohl’s, which she name-checks in her Facebook video, has sent reps to Payne’s home in Grand Prairie, Texas bearing gifts. In a new clip that makes for a delightful follow-up to her silly story, the store gives Payne and her children a treasure trove of Star Wars goodies and gift cards.

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“We don’t want you to stress about having to share your Chewbacca mask, so we ‘confinsctated’ masks for everybody,” teases the Kohl’s rep, referencing a moment in the now-famous video where Payne flubs the word ‘confiscated.’ “We can’t tell you how much we appreciate [your video].”

Handing over the goodies to Payne’s son and daughter on their front lawn, the kids gets adorably excited. “The whole family has Chewbacca masks!” shrieks the little girl, grabbing one for her father.

The family also receives $2500 in Kohl’s gift cards, reward points (“for back to school”) and more. But of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without hearing Payne’s now-signature laugh — which she busts out again as her kids put on the masks alongside their viral mom.

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