“Happy Fourth of July! I won’t think about this country once!”

Forced holiday gatherings can be so awkward and July 4 is no exception. College Humor perfectly captures every cringe-worthy aspect of going to a friendly Independence Day barbecue in their original video,”Honest July 4th BBQ.” The first guy arrives and openly laments about being the first person there even after waiting in his car alone for 15 minutes. He also offers up a quart of pre-made macaroni salad that no one asked him to bring in the first place.

“I also didn’t bring utensils,” he says. “Because why would I think to do that?!”

Then a couple arrives announcing that they are still reeling from a fight they had in the car. “Don’t expect us to do the socially responsible thing and diffuse the situation. It’s just not in us,” the boyfriend says.

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The video gets progressively more honest and painfully funny as a lonely girl waits by the chips, gearing up to tell a way-too-personal childhood story to whoever happens to be the next person that walks by. “I know this is a trap,” another girl responds, but walks over anyways. She’d rather suffer through listening to that story than awkwardly stand by the guy who volunteered to man the grill in order to avoid all conversation.

Pretending to be cool when the party runs out of food before you get a chance to eat, spoiled macaroni salad, forced group games … aren’t holiday parties the best?

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