As a child gets older, there inevitably comes a time when he or she goes to a parent and asks: “What was it like the day I was born?” When that happens, one new daddy will have a lot of explaining to do.

Gil Solano’s wife Sarah was in labor Monday (Nov. 10), and judging by a photo that received more than 2 million views in 24 hours, it was an intense labor. But you would never know that from her husband’s face — because Gil was busy posting a smiling selfie.

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“My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born,” he writes on Reddit alongside the photo. “So I took one.”

When something like this goes viral, you can usually pinpoint a simple formula. And in the case of the Solano family it seems to be: Wife in incomprehensible pain + husband smirking dimly at the camera = Internet gold.

Little baby Eva was born to the couple moments after the picture was taken, and the Solanos tell Buzzfeed that the mother didn’t know it was being taken.

“I had been pushing for a few hours and Gil showed it to me to help take my mind off of things and make me laugh,” Sarah explains. “I thought it was hilarious and told him he should send it to some of our friends.”

As the photo rocketed around the Web, many commenters expressed concern for Gil — assuming his wife would be furious. But according to the father of the newborn, he’s never been better.

“My favorite response was Sarah’s response to me reading her the comments of everyone saying, ‘She’s going to kill you,’” Gil says. “She thinks it’s hilarious that people would expect her to respond like that, when she thinks the picture itself is so funny.”

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