Did you hear about the first-person “Daredevil” video game coming out? Reddit has a sneak peek.

Get it? Because Matt Murdock is blind?

The gag fooled thousands of Reddit users, who provided both hilarious comments and some thoughtful ideas about what a first-person “Daredevil” video game might actually look like.

“To be fair that could be a fucking awesome game where the default views is black and every sound and smell creates ripples that shows you the world in super saturated red and orange,” writes tehbeh, likening it to a puzzle game called “Dark Echo.” Elegylegacy posits that “a first person ‘Daredevil’ game would basically look like ‘SuperHot’?”

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When one commenter points out that Daredevil “sees the world in fire,” Smurfy2013 replies, “That’s true, which is why I think an actual first person Daredevil game would probably be the tits. But for now we’ll have to settle for this.”

But most people just admitted to being tricked, including wanting to see it so badly they were convinced something was wrong with their devices.

“Can’t believe i actually fell for this one, nice one.” — GamingInsanity

“I waited for 10 seconds before ‘oh goddammit.'” — bowes_guitars

“I fucking opened the link on my laptop because i figured my phone was being a dick again …” — Klathmon

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“I re-entered my proxy login because I thought it was broken.” — ActionScripter9109

“I silently stared on the screen for a moment until my palm made its way onto my forehead to begin the worlds longest facepalm session ever.” — donnydread

Others are keeping up the gag by insisting that it takes a while a load, but it’s totally worth it. Nope, not falling for it!

Everyday_Im_Redditin sums it up nicely with a simple GIF:

11xlan Did you hear about Daredevils first person video game? Reddit has a sneak peek

“Daredevil” Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.

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