Sometimes a movement rises up above the rest of the humdrum noise found across the social media landscape that makes one take notice. Roughly a year ago, a debate set the web on fire regarding the color of a dress.

That was then, this is now. Thanks to Twitter genius @TeenyBiscuit, the world may never look at dogs the same way again.

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TeenyBiscuit, also known as Karen Zack, took it upon herself to showcase some aesthetic similarities between common food items and cute canine breeds. It’s a simple concept, yet one that has found the collision of two wonderful worlds. It may be a safe assumption to say fans of dogs are also fans of food, but sadly the reverse isn’t always true.

Maybe an Internet meme can change all that? Maybe that’s a puppy. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a bagel instead. Behold the majesty of it all!

Puppy or Bagel

Labradoodle or Fried Chicken

Sheepdog or Mop

Chihuahua or Muffin

Shiba or Marshmallow

The movement was begun by Miss Biscuit, but others are now carrying the torch.

Loaf of Bread or Corgi Butt

Dalmations or Ice Cream


Branching out a bit, Zack recently diverted her attention from dogs to parrots. Why not? We’re game!

Parrot or Guacamole


In response to Miss Zack’s multiple gifts to the Internet world, a Twitter user by the name of @hannes_bhc chimed in with their own take on the debate. This may have either ruined everything or taken the stakes to a whole other level. You be the judge.

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Donald Trump or Dead Chicken

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