fantastic four 583 'Fantastic Four' to kill off a 'core character' in the new yearJan. 26, 2011 will be a memorable day for comic book fans and a really bad one for a certain member of the Marvel Comics family.

With Issue No. 587, the current “Fantastic Four” storyline, “Three,” will conclude and according to an interview that Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort gave CNN, “A core character from the series, whom you’ve seen in the [2005 and 2007] films, will be no more.”

Don’t get your hopes up that they’re going to pull a fast one though and kill off Victor Von Doom, aka Dr. Doom, even if he was in both the films.

“The hook is the fact that one of the four characters will be shuffling off this mortal coil. That’s really a small part,” Brevorrt says. “What we’re actually doing is completely transmogrifying the ‘FF’ as a thing. At the end of this story, there won’t even be a book called ‘Fantastic Four’ anymore; there will be something new that will be interesting and exciting. Out of this moment, a new thing will be born.”

That new thing is called “FF” and will premiere in March.

So whose number is up? Sue Storm? Her brother Johnny? Reed Richards? Or poor, beleaguered Ben “The Thing” Grimm?

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